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Our members have the opportunity to participate in any of the following teams. We are listeners and achievers! Each person has a unique way of thinking and we strongly believe that by providing a brainstorming platform, our Network will grow bigger and bigger each day!


historical dialogue


Bi-communal Projects


I believe being a part of the network will help as knock the wall down and cut the wires between us.


Expand your network.

Become a Member

Fill the form below and join the warm team of the BNCY! Support our work, support peace!

By being a member you also get the chance to shape the future of this Network by getting involved in teams that organize our future events.

Membership fee: 2 euros (per annum) 

Think, Create & Inform

Become a Representative

Our Network gives the chance to its members to organize events and gatherings at their region of residence.

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