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Our Story

The Bi-communal Network of Cypriot Youth was founded on the spring of 2019 by 9 Cypriots: Beste, Dimitris, Michalis, Ilsu, Lefteris, Gul, Ismail, Angelos and Panagiotis. The fire of reconciliation was burning in each and every one of them. Everyone had their own unique ideas and concepts on how to breach the gap between the two communities but the dream of seeing a unified Cyprus was kept as the ultimate goal of the team.

Dimitris Michail

Δημήτρης Μιχαήλ

Who's in charge

The main team of the BNCY or, as we call it, the Coordinating team is consisted of 4 Greek-speaking and 4 Turkish-speaking Cypriots. The 50-50 ratio ensures that young voices from the two main communities of the island are being represented equally. We want our message to be heard by every single youngster in Cyprus.

Meet the Coordinating Team


İlsu Çağra
Ίλσου Τσάγρα

Michalis Leontiades
Μιχάλης Λεοντιάδης

Beste Cansever
Μπεστέ Τζανσεβέρ

Angelos Sofocleous

Άγγελος Σοφοκλέους


Özde Çetinsoy
Οζντέ Τσιέτινσοϊ

Giorgos Michael

Γιώργος Μιχαήλ

Arkadaş Arı

Αρκαντάς Αρι

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